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How To Build a Pool with Absolutely Nothing

by - May 16, 2020

Today was one of the first warm days we've had all year. Hazyl and I decided that it would be a good idea to build a pool, for us to be in, and for Sully to learn to swim in (Even though he probably already knows how to). You wonder, how are we supposed to do that? We wondered the same thing. We thought about putting a tarp in the frame of the trampoline, but that was too big. We thought about building a small wood frame to put a tarp in, but that was too hard. We eventually decided on using the small plastic playset that we have in out backyard.

We got out the tarp that we use when we go camping, some chains, and some baling twine. Dad was out on a bike ride, so we were on our own. We lined the playset with the tarp, wrapped it with the chain, and tied it all together with the baling twine. We then realized that we had built it too far away for the hose to get to, so we picked it up, and moved it to the other side of the yard. We started filling it, and noticed that it wasn't filling. There was a huge gap in the tarp that we hadn't noticed. We tried filling it with rocks, but it was still leaking like crazy. We had to take the tarp out and start over. The second time, we positioned the tarp correctly, and tied the sides up, and it didn't leak! It was time to start filling it!

We put the hose in the pool, and noticed that the water was really cold, so we boiled some water, and starting filling up pots and bowls with hot water from the kitchen, and pouring them into the pool, in an effort to make the water warmer. It didn't make much of a difference. The water was still cold, and we just had pots and bowls everywhere.

We put some dish soap in it to make bubbles and got Sully suited up. He was wearing a clownfish doggy life jacket, and he was rocking it! He was adorable! We put him in the pool, and he flailed around and climbed out immediately. I want to mention that, at this point, the sun had gone away, and it was starting to rain, so I don't blame him for having the common sense to get out of there!

Then, all four of us got in. We played dunk tank, because the pool really wasn't big enough for much else. Someone would pick a color, and when the person getting dunked guessed it, they were pushed into the water. The water was so cold, that after a few times, I had a brain freeze! Hazyl, Maia, and I dared each other to go completely under. We tried to swim, but just ended up flailing around in the four square foot pool! Eventually, we all got so cold that we had to go inside and take warm showers.

It was a great day, with lots of improvised fun and adventure!

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