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Wilson Girls Soccer ... in the snow

by - November 01, 2020

     This fall, even though school was a big confusing mess due to COVID-19, soccer still went on. Daylia and Hazyl both played on the
Williamsville South JV team this year. We had a lot of fun going to games and getting into a more normal routine, though Elias says he NEVER WANTS TO WATCH ANOTHER SOCCER GAME AGAIN!! Poor kid has been dragged to his big sisters soccer games all his life.

    Anyway, the season got postponed due to Covid, and it ended up being pretty cold for the last couple games. Every night when we got home from a game, all we wanted to do was take a hot shower and curl up on the couch with hot chocolate. We have played multiple games in below 50 degree weather and rain, and even one in snow!

     This was my first experience playing in the snow, but, living in Buffalo, it's not out of the ordinary for there to be snow on October 29th. We got all bundled up, and even wore the most horrific thing for a teenage soccer player to wear, leggings with shorts! It was worth it though, when I didn't freeze to death. Maia and Elias were on the sidelines in their full ski gear, prepared for a blizzard!

    It has been a fun season and we have made many friends, and we can't wait for next season! Thank you Will South JV girls!!

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