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We have a date!

by - April 27, 2009

I finally received a call yesterday from MUSC setting a date for the c-section. May 20th at 8:00am! It's so weird to know my child's birth date before he's even here. This planned c-section thing is new territory for me. Not only do I know his birth date but I can be pretty confident that he'll be born at 8:11am. I've been anxiously awaiting this phone call. I just wanted to know the date and now that I have it... I kind of wish I didn't. It's hit me pretty hard that this is only 3 weeks away. Having a baby always changes your life forever, but having a baby with this significant of complications has to change it in incredibly different ways. I can only imagine at this point...

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  1. Milo and Erin,
    I know that you all are very nervous about the days ahead. Just know that our God is Amazing! MUSC is definitely the best place for little Josiah. It will amaze you at what the doctors can do! Greg and I are praying for you everyday. May God give you strength and peace, and may he give the doctors the wisdom and knowledge to care for Josiah on May 20th and the days to follow. If we can do anything for you, just let us know. We are still hoping to meet before you go down to MUSC, even if its just to let our girls play for a couple of hours. Just give us a call!
    Praying without Ceasing,
    Andrea Weaver

  2. Stay strong Erin our thoughts and prayers are with you guys

  3. I love you guys. We are praying for you.

    the Cauble's