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Holding Josiah in our arms for the 1st time was bittersweet

by - June 02, 2009

This was taken about 5 hrs ago at 3am this morning. Erin and I were able to hold Josiah for the 1st time for about an hour. It was a bittersweet experience. It was wonderful to hold our precious little baby, but the circumstances as to why we allowed to hold him were a bit overwhelming. Our nurse gently lifted him from the bed, and put him into Erin's arms, with IV lines and sensor leads strung out like a broken cobweb behind him. It was wonderful, and it was awful.

The policy at the PCICU is to allow parents to hold their child the night before putting him through a major heart surgery in which he may not survive. Holding Josiah was a massive reality check.

Last night, the doctors let us know that through an echocardiograph done on Monday an addition condition called coartation of the aorta. This is a thin spot in the aorta, right where it needed to take on extra flow with the hybrid procedure. This leaves us with the Norwood as our only choice.

We kissed him goodbye at 7:30...

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  1. Prayers have been lifted on behalf of your beautiful baby boy this morning...and will continue throughout the day. Praying, too, for God Himself to guide the hands of Dr. Bradley (he is amazing & his gift is nothing short of God-given).
    Believing in MIRACLES~ Rebecca Butcher

  2. Your whole family is in my prayers right now. I know you know the power of prayer and what God CAN DO. Josiah is one of God's children and God only wants the best for hi. The Lord will work our His plans for his life. Love ya all Jenny Durham

  3. I will be praying for you...my little brother has had 5 open heart surgeries since he was born in 85 and now he's a strong, healthy man @ 24. My brother Heath, was born w/ holes in his heart and his ventricles were switched along w/ numbers of other issues. He had his first open heart around 1 week after being born....just wanted to provide you with a miracle of God's. I pray that Josiah's heart is strong and accepting of all that it has to endure! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    Alicia and Rob Meford
    Poquoson, VA

  4. Dear Erin, Milo, Daylia, Hazel and Josiah
    We are so happy that today was a success-still praying for all of you of course:)
    Love in Christ-GOd is Good
    The White Family

  5. So glad that you got to hold Josiah today. We know that God already knows the outcome of any surgeries or procedures that his little body has already had or will have in the future and we all know that He loves that little boy even more than we can ever fathom. He's got his tiny body in the palm of his hand and knows every moment of his life and we are praying for the miracle of all miracles for you, Josiah and your daughters. We pray for peace and comfort for you all and for rest for Josiah and he battles these trials. We will add you to all of our prayer lists that we have access too and will continue to watch over his improvement. Randy and Wanda Burke, Abingdon, VA

  6. Erin and Milo, We are praying for you and your precious baby boy. To God be the glory. Darcey and Ed Birkenstock

  7. you folks are wonderful parents and God blesses those who are faithful to Him. I'm a thankful and blessed pa pa
    love you Praise God!!!!