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Sweet Sleeping Hazyl

by - July 30, 2009

So last night I came home from the hospital and Milo said, "Go look at your daughter in bed." This is what I found!

This is the rest of her after she kind of woke up from me turning the lights on!

So while Hazyl was suppose to be sleeping she got into my purse and apparently found a lime green sharpie marker! Thankfully she did not color on the wall or the bed sheets or the carpet... just herself! We go the biggest laugh out it. After a bad day it was the greatest thing in the whole world to see. I love her and her huge personality so much!

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  1. What an adorable face! I liked how Hazyl coordinated the lime green Sharpie marker to match her lime green top. This will be a cute pic to share with her husband-to-be one day.