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Zonked out in the bouncy seat!

by - October 02, 2009

Josiah can't sleep without his paci now. So we have every stuffed animal proped against him holding the paci in place. He is also sleeoing in a bouncy seat with constant vibrating going on. This boy is going to get spoiled fast. I think he deserves it though!

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  1. Totally loving this pic! And yes, he deserves to be spoiled a LOT after all he's been through! SO glad to see he's doing so well! What a blessing!

  2. Erin & Milo,

    We continue to pray for that precious little boy, and your whole family. I saw the video on Facebook and was overwhelmed as I saw him without breathing tube, and licking his lips. Praise God for Josiah's progress to date. What a little miracle he is. You two are an inspiration to all.

    Love and blessings to you,

    Ellen Martin