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Another Picture Recap of Life in Buff!

by - November 30, 2010

I'm typing this right now looking out the window at the beautiful snow falling outside. It sure does get you in the Christmas spirit. Because I'm such a bad blogger here's a pictorial recap of the past month!

Halloween with Little Bo Peep and Cinderella. Daylia told me she didn't care what shepard she was, she just wanted to be a shepard but a girl shepard for sure!

Uncle Tim (my brother) and Aunt Julie joined us for trick or treating. They had some pretty awesome costumes and made me feel pretty bad for not dressing up.

Nov. 13th We had a surprise 60th birthday party for my Mom. It was a real treat to be home for an event like that for the first time in a long time. My brothers especially did a great job of planning the event. It was wonderful and my mom was really surprised!

Thanksgiving was great! The girls made some wonderful table decorations which included these lovely napkin rings!

19 people all at the same table. My mom was pretty proud to have us all together. That's the first Thanksgiving I'd had with my whole family since our kids were born.

Mom had a special candle in Josiah's place at the table. Thanks Mom.

We miss our little man. It's hard to believe he'd be 18 months old and actually would have been able to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

We spent the day after Thanksgiving out at my parents house in the country and saw our first snowfall of the season! We spent the morning writing letters to Santa then got all dressed up to go out to the mailbox! We weren't quite prepared for it so Hazyl had to wear socks on her hands.

Letters to Santa!

Mailing our letters!

I love this picture!

Sunday afternoon, my Mom took all the grand girls to the theater to see the Nutcracker! I got to give the girls their first Christmas present, their Christmas dresses!

Not sure what I was thinking not putting a coat on them, but they were too cute to cover up!

All of the cousins after the ballet. It was really difficult to get them to stop twirling and dancing after the show.

We are doing well here in Buffalo. There's been lots to enjoy! Thanks for keeping track of us!

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