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Sending my first to Kindergarten

by - September 05, 2011

Look what Daylia can do. Kindergarten starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Daylia. I can't believe my beautiful baby girl is going to start school. I've been feeling a lot of emotions over this as I'm sure every mommy does. But I got thrown for a loop today when I found out that in fact, the first day of school is tomorrow September 6th, not Wednesday, September 7th. I don't know how I missed that, but let me tell you I was shocked today when I learned this bit of information. I guess I had been looking at the school calendar and September 6th was colored in grey and all of the rest of the regular school days were white. So I assumed that the grey meant teacher work day or last day of summer vacation, but as I looked closer today, at the key, the grey day does in fact indicate FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I'm very thankful I found out this afternoon and not at 7:45am when I saw the school bus stop out in front of our house! But I was really counting on tomorrow to really prepare, mostly emotionally. It's now 9:30pm, the girls have been in bed for almost an hour and a half, Daylia's bag is packed, I've got her lunch and snack ready, she's got her clothes sitting on the stairs. We are physically ready!

Emotionally on the other hand, I'm not so sure. Daylia has been nothing but excited about school, she's beyond ready, but as I put her into bed tonight she hugged me and said, "I'm not sure I'm ready for school tomorrow (mind you she too "knew" school was starting Wednesday, so I kind of threw her off too!)" I asked why not and she replied, "I thought tomorrow was going to be my last day to snuggle with you in the morning, now today was the last day." Oh my did I have to choke the tears back. This coming from my not so snuggly child. I held it together enough to tell her that's what Saturdays and Sundays are for! She seemed to be okay with that answer as she was now more interested in looking at her book. So I kissed her goodnight and left it at that.

I think I've finally decided how Daylia is getting to school tomorrow. It's been a tough decision that I've gone back and forth on. Now, for my southern friends, I can hear you saying, "why is there any question how Daylia would get to school, of course you would drive her." To you I say, "It's not that easy." See here in the North we do things a little different. There is no such thing as a car rider line. There is no such thing as a rear view mirror tag with your child's car rider number. The vast majority of kids ride the school bus! Shocking, I know! But it's the way I grew up and while I got very used to the car rider idea in my 9 years in the south, I remember my first year teaching in Bluffton, SC, how shocked I was at having to do car rider duty! I didn't even understand the concept. The car rider thing wore off on me like many other fine southern cultural differences and so thinking this summer about putting my 5year old on the school bus has been difficult. We have decided, however, that Daylia will ride the bus. It just makes sense. We are a one car family and Hazyl doesn't get up that early in the morning and it's nap time during dissmal. So unless Daylia wants to ride in the bike trailer and catch a ride with her Daddy on his way to work (which I'm sure we will do plenty of times before the snow comes) she's going to ride the bus. But what about the first day of school? Three days ago, I was taking her, yesterday she was riding the bus, tonight I'm taking her! We'll see what the morning brings. I think I've convinced Milo to let me take her on the first day for memories sake. Pretty sure I could regret not taking her, but it's doubtful I'll regret taking her. However, she will take the bus home and Hazyl and I will be at the bus stop with huge hugs ready to greet her.

I'm excited for my sweet Daylia to start this new adventure in her life. She will grow and excel in so many ways. She is so ready for this, just not so sure I am!

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  1. That makes me emotional just reading it... not quite sure how I'll be handling it this time next year!! Thankful for an extra year with him home!! Praying for you and can't wait to hear how it goes!