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Wilson's Must Go! 2015: Day 1

by - June 24, 2015

We have been working over the last few weeks to establish some family values, or a family code to help our kids know what we expect out of them in a easy to remember way. 

Wilson's Must Be:
Who They Are

Wilson's Must Know:
Whose They Are

Wilson's Must Go:
Near and Far

Wilson's Must Love:
Wherever They Are

This summer we are taking on an epic adventure. A cross country trip for the ages. 

So, we will try to document it here each day. We welcome you to follow along!

Wilson's Must Go! 2015: Day 1

6am. All geared up for an adventure. Going to our gate in buffalo airport. 

11am. Still in buffalo after a 4 hr layover. 2 miles from our house. 

1pm. The big girls won over the flight attendant. They got to walk through the cabin and collect trash. 

3pm. Hazyl is a huge help. Great mama hen for the little kids. 

3pm mountain time. Scheduled for a 9 hr layover in Phoenix. Running through the airport to try a miracle shot. 

3:15 Erin aka the magician. Got us on a flight to San Jose instead of San Francisco. 

6pm pacific time. Eating our heart out at In and Out Burger. With John Mark and Rahel. Without luggage. Without furniture or air mattress. But we are here! Another adventure for another day!

Milo Wilson

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  1. Love this! I look forward to seeing what adventures you have.