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Ski Tahoe: It's Incredible

by - April 20, 2020

Let us tell you all about it!!

We arrived Monday in Reno and turned in our plane ticket stubs for a free ski pass at Squaw Valley in Tahoe, California.

We were able to ski from 2-4pm. Visibility was low, so we had no idea how beautiful it really was. We got in enough runs to get a feel for how to get around.

Tuesday morning with the time change we were up at 4am. We decided to get a good parking spot and get our coffee and breakfast at the resort. Got in line at 8:15 with all the powder chasers. Opened at 9. Bluebird morning.

Went up the first gondola with a local who now lives in Maryland. Didn't ask her for permission, but followed her around for 2 or 3 runs. It was like having a personal guide. Followed her right off the backside of granite cliffs on the first run and survived! Probably would not have taken such a risk on our first run, but because we did it gave us a ton of confidence for the rest of the day.

Also learned the hard way that our East Coast skis are pretty good on everything except fresh snow. We went off into the deep stuff two times only to both end up waist deep and in a full sweat trying to get out. That's a good way to tear an acl! Would need to rent skis to try that again.

10am on top of the Siberia Bowl.

2pm on top of the Siberia Bowl

Skied in perfect conditions all morning, until a storm came in and blew us off the high peaks. But, with some practice and learning to trust the edges of the skis, we were still able to have a great afternoon. Tahoe is just unbelievable!

For us, it's been15 years in the making. Incredible!

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