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To blog or not to blog?

by - February 19, 2009

I will start this blog by saying... "I really dislike (hate is a little to strong) blogging." So i feel extremely hypocritical in starting a blog. I find it arrogant, among other things... who am I that anyone would want to read about my life and I certainly don't think I have anything of immense value and insight to share with the world. However, as a mom going through what we are going though I am constantly online looking through stories of other parents in the same situation as we are. I am really appreciating being able to read other blogs and finding it useful, as well as, comforting.

While I feel this blog will serve a practical need for us to share information about Josiah with friends and family all over the nation (as well as dear friends in Croatia), I'm also hoping it meets an emotional need that I am feeling. Milo and I both expressed the other night how lonely we were both feeling in all this. He feeling lonely as a dad who could not do a thing about what's going on and me feeling lonely as a mom who doesn't feel like anyone can understand what it's like to feel little Josiah kick and swim all day in my belly and "know" what the future holds for him. That's an indescribable feeling. I hope that the typing of this blog allows me to just get my feelings out. I don't even really care if anyone listens!

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