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Funny Comments from a 3yr. old

by - March 31, 2009

I wanted to share some funny things Daylia (our 3year old) has said in the past couple of days. She has gotten to that stage where she never stops talking, never, and I love it. Milo and I laugh each day at the silly things she says.

This weekend she was telling my mom about going to a friends birthday party. My mom asked her how old her friend was turning. Daylia said, "Kyleigh will be 4. When I'm 4 I will get to wash my legs." My mom was a little confused by this response, but I knew immediatly where that comment came from and it made me laugh. A couple of weeks ago she saw me shaving my legs in the shower and she asked if she could do that too. I told her that she had to wait until she was bigger and she asked how big. So I told her that we would talk about it when she was 14. I guess she never heard the "teen" part of fourteen. I hope she forgets this by the time her birthday rolls around.

On Sunday, we were coming home from church and we were asking Daylia our usual questions about what she did and learned in her class that day. She told some stories about the games they played and the songs she sang. Then I asked her what the Bible story was about and this was her response... " There was this man, he wasn't sick and he didn't do anything... (very long pause, Milo and I just looked at each other and waited) But Jesus was walking down the road with him and Jesus told him that he has this wonderful place for him to live called, Africa." I'm the children's minister at our church so I get all the lesson plans ready for the volunteers to teach and I'm pretty certain that's not how the Bible story went! I'm sure Africa is a wonderful and amazing part of God's creation, but I'm thinking Jesus may have been talking about heaven.

I love our girls so much and I love every precious word that comes out of their mouth. I thank God everyday for giving me them.

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  1. I love that you blog! Wish we could hang out with your daughters (and you) a little more often.