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Happy Birthday, Hazyl Grace!

by - May 30, 2010

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Hazyl's 3rd birthday yesterday. When did she get so big? We spent the day at my parents house out at the lake. It was a great day to be out on the water with family and friends. We really did have an amazing day. My mom was wonderful as always, and made a fantastic dinner for all of us. She's wonderful to do all that she did. It just was really nice to spend the day with all the grandparents, the Dunsters and the Gibbons!

Hazyl was very excited about having "tools for workin"
Mommy spent 3 hours on making this fish cake! I'm getting better at this cake decorating thing! I was actually pretty proud of this one. That's a huge improvement for me!

I love these pictures of Hazyl out at the lake because they capture her. You can't see her face and their sort of far away because Hazyl never sits still for a picture! She's too busy, doing her own thing! She spent a couple of hours building this rock "wall." She'd walk down the beach and find rocks, the bigger the better and carry them back to continue building. None of the other kids did it. Just Hazyl by herself, doing her own thing. I love that about her. She's absolutely beautiful!

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  1. I hope she had a wonderful birhtday! The pics are GREAT!!!