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Slip and Slide Fun!

by - May 06, 2010

I keep thinking I need to blog more about the fun I have with our precious girls but I'm just not that good at that! Today I took some video of the girls in the backyard. We pulled out the slip and slide for the first time this year. Once we got it set up and the girls started playing I remembered when and why I bought it. I bought it last year on Mother's day weekend. I remember purchasing it thinking it would be a great activity for the girls during the summer while I would be spending lots of time with Josiah once he came home. One year ago, I never would have thought we wouldn't return home that summer.

It was nice to have the slip and slide out today. We had a lot of fun playing together. I actually got in! The girls were very impressed by how fast I went! It was especially nice to remember last year not being able to play with them because I was sooo pregnant but this year getting to partake in all the slip and slide fun. This video doesn't do it justice. The girls haven't quite figured out how to slide on their own, so I was pushing them pretty fast down the slide, but because I was the only one home I couldn't get that fun on video. Maybe we'll get some better footage when Milo is home.

I really enjoyed my girls today!

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