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New Old Pictures!

by - August 03, 2010

I am always beyond thrilled when someone sends me pictures they have of Josiah. We have "lots" of pictures but it will never be enough. My sister-in-law, Lydia, sent me these pictures today and I am so excited to have them. The far to few days we were home with Josiah we so incredibly busy that we barley had time to take pictures. The pictures here doubled what I had of home. We never took any pictures of Josiah's room and I've always been bummed by that. One of our friends who recently lost their daughter to HLHS told me how she was taking pictures of her daughter's room before she took it down. I could kick myself for not thinking of that. So to receive these pictures which include some pictures of Josiah's room, mainly his equipment (that's really all that made up his room anyway) made me so grateful.

So here are the pictures starting with pictures of some of Josiah's equipment

A 130lb oxygen tank sitting at our front door- Welcome!

His O2 concentrator that converted room air (23% oxygen) into the 40% oxygen he needed

Josiah's changing table loaded down with monitors, suctioning machines and compressor, oh and some normal baby things diapers!

His ventilator, tubing and IV pole with his feeding pump

These by no means show all Josiah's equipment and supplies but at least it's something. And now pictures of our beautiful boy in his room!

So peacefully asleep in his own bed. Beautiful.

As always fingers in his mouth

I love this one. I just love seeing the blue bumper instead of the hospital bed rails.

Josiah and beautiful Aunt Lydia. Thanks so much for sending me these pictures.

It means so much to me to have received these pictures, so if anyone else has pictures of our beautiful boy please send them my way!

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. I hadn't watched Josiah's tribute video for a long time, and something made me want to as I visited your site this morning. Our 3 year old Elle is sitting here with me and she said, "oh, look a cute baby!" I said, yes, he is very, very cute. He lives with God now and smiles like this every day.

    Still thinking of you often - peace and healing to you and yours. Annamarie, Paul, Jack, Elle and Eve Saarinen

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I often think of you both and wander over every now and again to check. Again I'm reminded of your beautiful son and the attentive love and care he experienced while he was with you. As Annamarie has shared, I marvel at the thought of what he is experiencing now--completeness that far surpasses our own and incredible joy in the presence of God.

    Still with you in this despite the distance,

    Rolf and Trish