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Why Croatia?

by - August 25, 2010

Many people have asked us why we are taking our family to Croatia to vacation for two weeks. We are going to visit our very dear friends the Bohalls. Jeremy and Milo were great friends in the Marine Corps and Jeremy was Milo's best man. He married an amazing woman that he met while in college. Petra is originally from Croatia. Shortly after Jeremy and Petra got married they moved back to Croatia to serve as missionaries. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to visit them. They are great friends who mean so much to us. Jeremy even flew from Boston to Charleston to visit us and meet Josiah when he only had a spare 24hours during his visit to the states this past summer. We are forever grateful that he met our son.

We have been wanting to make this trip for several years now but we have always had an excuse to put it off. I was pregnant, I had a newborn, I had a toddler. Then Josiah came along and we realized that we missed our chance. Milo and I felt regret that we didn't make a trip to Croatia when we could have. There are things when your son is so medically fragile that you think but don't verbalize. One of those things for both us was the thought that if Josiah died we wanted to take the trip to Croatia as a family. We realized a few weeks after Josiah died that we had both been thinking this. So in the light of trying to live moments to the fullest we started making plans to visit our friends. I know our girls probably won't appreciate this vacation or for that matter even remember it but we are taking the opportunity while we have it and if the opportunity arises when the girls are older to take a big trip like this then we'll take it too.

We are going to be spending a week on the coast of Croatia enjoying the Adriatic Sea. Then we will spend a week at Jeremy and Petra's house. We are very excited to see our friends,their two boys and all the spectacular sites Croatia has to offer. But we are also getting nervous about traveling so far with two pre-schoolers. I read an article that suggested you bring one snack and one new toy for every hour that you travel… thats 16 snacks and 16 new toys! That's not going to happen! I did buy a few cool new travel games, have the ipod loaded with preschool apps, headphones and dvd players, along with some benedryl for back-up!

Looking forward to an awesome vacation as a family.

-A heart that holds on

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  1. I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear all about it!! We will be praying for the plane rides and that the girls will adjust quickly... I'm sure they will, they are so flexible!! Love you guys!

  2. Hey, George A. Kohl here ... pastor at Belmont Street Baptist Church in Worcester MA . . . Jeremy Bohall's old church. I'm from Buffalo (Orchard Park) and am excited about The Well. I was unable to find an email address anywhere so I chose to reach you. God bless you in this new endeavor!!! gakbsbc@verizon.net