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Much needed update!

by - October 27, 2010

So I finally got a moment to sit down and think about my blog. I have so much to tell and share but it seems impossible to go back and share all that's been going on in detail. I also uploaded the pictures that were on my camera today and it amazed me all we've been up to. So I thought that quickest way was to give a pictorial montage of some of the highlights.

Sept. 24-25 We spent a weekend in our favorite place. Charleston, SC. Friday we spent some time downtown playing in the fountains!

Saturday we participated in the Little Hearts Walk and raised money for the American Heart Association. We saw a bunch of our heart friends from families to nurses, doctors, our social worker. It was wonderful to see everyone before we moved. Walking next to Milo in this picture is Dr. Graham the attending on the day Josiah died. It was wonderful to see him and have another opportunity to express our gratitude to him. I have to admit there were more than a few tears shed that day.

Saturday afternoon we spent some time at the beach enjoying the waves. Milo taught the girls how to boogie board. They loved it as you can tell from these pictures!

Early October our good friends hosted a going away party for us. It was a great SC meets NY themed party with lots of good food and great friends!

Unplanned, but Milo and Shannon really were dressed for the party!

The following weekend started our craziest week yet! We traveled to Aiken, Friday and Saturday, to host Milo's sister, Rahel and John Mark's bridal shower at his grandparents home. The girls spent hours flying kites with Papa. What a moment to treasure.

We had a great time with great food thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Swain.

Hazyl so enjoyed playing with her best bud Java!

Sunday, Milo lead worshiped and preached for the last time at Ridgeview. They then had a lunch reception for us. Then we picked up the moving truck and started packing. I wish I had more pictures but was a little overwhelmed with everything going on. We probably had 35 people at the house loading the truck! I literally sat in a corner of our guest bedroom hiding for about 20 minutes trying to hold back tears. Here we are having dinner on the kitchen floor.

The kids loved running around yelling in the empty house.
We had to have an impromptu yard sale at 10pm because not everything fit on the moving truck. So we sold our lawn mower and left behind a couple of pieces of furniture. We were able to leave Monday morning and head for Buffalo. It took us about 16 hours and we arrived at 2:30 am. Tuesday morning we looked at a couple of housing options and by 4pm we were moving into our new home! There was another huge crowd of people from theWELL to help us unload! I wish I had pictures but the camera was packed away!

We spent Wednesday unpacking and then had all my brothers over for dinner and birthday cake to celebrate my 30th birthday!

We've got to get ourselves some Buffalo gear!

Thursday at 4am we headed for the airport and made our way for Tampa to celebrate Colleen and Michael! We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening and also enjoyed some time on the beach and in the sun.

Friday was the wedding. It was such an honor to have Milo perform the ceremony. Colleen was one of Josiah's nurses and it was truly wonderful to be a part of her special day. They had a memorial table in which they honored Josiah. What a touching honor.

Here we are with Mr. and Mrs. Cheveliar! It was a beautiful wedding!

And a beautiful sunset on the beach!

We got back to our hotel at 11:45 pm and then headed for the airport at 3am so that we could get back for a banquet at a local church that is supporting us at theWELL. Sunday, the girls and I went to theWELL and enjoyed a great service, while Milo represented theWELL at another church. Monday, we finally got to some unpacking and today we took some breaths!

The girls and I took a walk to our neighborhood park and enjoyed a beautiful day!

I should have done Daylia's hair! Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to get to that!

-A Heart that Holds On

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  1. Hello Wilson Family! What a busy month it has been for you. I look forward to talking with you all soon to hear about your house, the church, and Buffalo. Love you all - Stay warm and dry for Halloween!