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A Great Family Weekend

by - June 13, 2011

The weather here in Buffalo has been amazing for the last 3 weeks or so. Warm sunny, summer days and cool evenings to enjoy a bonfire. We have been making the most of weather as of late. In just the last 2 weeks alone we have been to the

Buffalo Zoo

Marineland (Canada)

and Camping at Stony Brook State Park

We had such an amazing time as a family camping. It was so nice to get away, relax and enjoy God's creation. Stony Brook is a beautiful place that I grew up enjoying with my parents and brothers. It was a treat to take my girls there. We left on Thursday after Milo got home from work. By the time we set up our tent and I got around to making dinner it was after 9pm! So we ate at the picnic table enjoying chicken fajitas by lantern light (thanks to my uncle Mike who dropped by our house earlier in the day with a lantern for us!). It was great! The girls stayed up for a campfire and then fell asleep in the tent. Milo and I stayed around the fire for awhile enjoying each others company and good conversation. I love my husband so much!

The next morning was filled with cooking breakfast on the camp stove and a big hike in the gorge. We took our time to throw rocks in the creek, splash in the water and head a little off the trail at times.

The hike certainly wore the girls out and they both crashed in the tent for an late afternoon nap! Milo even fell asleep in the hammock. Doesn't get much better than that!

Spent the evening cooking dinner over the campfire and making s'mores!

We packed up saturday morning, played in the creek some more and then headed home. It was a perfect weekend with our little family. And as always God continues to remind us of how much He loves us and how we take Josiah with us wherever we go. Check out the picture of the rock Daylia picked out of the river and said, "look mom, it's a heart to remind us of Josiah."

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