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Father's Day Surprise

by - June 20, 2011

For those who have been "dying to know" here's what I did for Milo for his father's day gift. I put some things together to decorate his office. I broke into his office on Friday night and hung these things on his wall. The best part of this was that he read my previous post and so he never even questioned where I was going or what I was doing friday night. I just told him I needed to go out for a little bit and he just simply said, "ok!" I was so glad I didn't have to come up with a lie ( I'm so bad at that!).

I put together a couple of things. The first is obviously pictures of the girls and the family, then their handprints. That one turned out cute. I have some really great pics of the girls without being a professional photographer! The other is Josiah's t-shirt that one of our nurses at the hospital made for Josiah and had him "wear" on father's day 2 years ago. I put some pictures of Milo and Josiah in there and then matted the frame with one of Josiah's blankets. Boy was it good to open and dig through the bins of Josiah's things for this project. It's the first time I've opened them since we have moved here. I just kept taking in deep breaths of his blankets. The last frame is a picture of a magazine we received in the mail the day we made the announcement at Ridgeview that we would be leaving to move to Buffalo. I think I'll share the significance of that magazine in another post.

On the wall opposite Milo's desk I put this scripture (so he has to look at it all day!) as a subtle reminder from his wife to slow down and make sure his focus is right. God is doing some great things at theWELL and Milo and I are so humbled to be a part of what God is doing. As one of the pastors of theWELL we feel such a responsibility for our family to stay connected to the "Source." Serving at theWELL is an awesome privilege.

-A heart that holds on

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