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Rafting at Glen Falls

by - June 19, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, we can't go to any pools. But, it has gotten really, REALLY hot. So hot, that after playing in our makeshift pool, which I wrote about in the post "How to Make a Pool From Absolutely Nothing," and the sprinkler for days in a row, we needed to do something else. We have these 5 dollar tubes that we bought when our cartop carrier exploded on the highway, and we lost the boogie boards. We took the tubes out to the local park, Glen Falls, and went to play in Ellicott Creek. We found a spot where we could get in, and two people got in the water and rafted down the creek. We were actually able to go a good distance before the creek got too shallow. two people would raft down while the others waited at the end. Then two different people would pick the tubes up, run back upstream, through the prickers, and over a small stream, and start all over. They would get in, and raft through some good-sized rapids, a calm part, and back into some more rapids. It was amazing!

By Daylia Wilson

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