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The Wilson’s Escape To Florida May 2020

by - June 05, 2020

What do you do when you're bored out of your mind because you've been stuck in your house all May while its still snowing? You go to Florida, of course!

This is what we were thinking the 3rd month quarantine. We were sick of the cold and needed a change of scenery. Thankfully our grandparents have a condo and Florida so why not just crash  it right? Exactly, makes sense, but how do you get to Florida? You also take your grandparents car! It was the greatest plan ever until your car top carrier breaks and your clothes are spread out all along the highway, but thats all part of the adventure!

We finally got to Florida after a 21 hour car ride. You would probably think that now we would take a long nap maybe watch a movie so we can rest after a long night. But did we do that? NO! We were in Florida! Who cares if we were drowsy! We jumped in the pool only an hour after we arrived. As the days went by we got into a pretty good routine


What could get better than that?

By: Hazyl Wilson

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